learn to read Hebrew online

“Maddie learned a lot of Hebrew this summer using your online program. By the time she started school she knew the alef-bet and was able to sound words out. She’s doing great in school, Hebrew is her favorite subject”

- Lyssa


learn to read Hebrew online
learn to read Hebrew online
learn to read Hebrew online
learn to read Hebrew online

Learn to Read Hebrew!

Reading Hebrew with Tikva™ Foundation 1




A complete online program with audio and animated text.


Learn to decode the Hebrew alef-bet! Being able to read Hebrew fluently is the foundation for all successful Hebrew language learning. Students of all ages and levels will master reading Hebrew in Hebrew with regular daily practice in this comprehensive online independent study course.

The Reading Hebrew with Tikva: Foundation 1 program will develop your ability to read Hebrew accurately and fluently. This is the core foundation course in the program. The goal is to practice and master basic reading skills in preparation for furthering vocabulary study. This comprehensive course includes over 200 online pages,  48 interactive exercises, 44 audios, downloadable printable study guides, and more.


Learn to Read Hebrew Online Conveniently At Your Own Pace: 


  • It’s like having a convenient personal online tutor you can access anytime anywhere with internet connection through your personal account.
  • Retain what you’ve learned in a live course with the convenience of home practice.
  • Save time and money preparing for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • For students of any age – Children and parents or grandparents can learn together.
  • With daily practice this course can be completed in anywhere from 1 to 5 months and you can always return to review what you have learned anytime.
  • Supplement your child’s Hebrew School lessons with home practice that meets students where they are at.


Students Will:


  • Enjoy learning online through audio, animated exercises, and games
  • Master the Hebrew alphabet and vowels
  • More easily comprehend Conversational, Biblical, and Prayer-book Hebrew lessons when you read Hebrew in Hebrew (compared to reading transliterated Hebrew).
  • Be able practice at conveniently anytime – anywhere, form your laptop or desktop.
  • Learn to read Hebrew words accurately
  • Review and test your improvement online
  • Receive incredibly useful printable and downloadable study guides

Reading Hebrew with Tikva™ 1 and 2  are very important courses intended to establish a strong foundation for future Hebrew studies.

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