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Tikva offers specialized private individual and group lessons. See details on some of her offerings below.

If you are interested in custom lessons on a special topic, please contact Tikva here or send an email to


Class topics available include:


Modern Conversational Hebrew

Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing

Grammar: Verb Conjugation, Prepositions & Roots

Reading & Pronunciation

Biblical Prayerbook Hebrew




Intermediate Modern Conversational Hebrew

Private Individual Lessons  |  by appointment
10 week sessions via Zoom online

Learn to converse about a specific topic in Hebrew. We decide the topic and converse in Hebrew learning new vocabulary.  Develop verbal communication skills in the spoken modern Hebrew language for practical everyday conversation. Learn more…

Hebrew though Psalms - Individual & Study Groups

Private Individual & Group Lessons  |  by appointment
10 week sessions via Zoom online

Gain a deeper understanding of Biblical and Prayer Book Hebrew texts by finding deeper meaning apart from the literal meaning.  Learn more…

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