Hebrew through Psalms

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The Biblical/Prayer book Hebrew course designed for those who want to learn Hebrew by studying the Psalms in their original authentic language.

Learn to translate and form commentaries based on the root of the Hebrew words for the purpose of gaining a deep understanding and meaning from the text.  The Hebrew with Tikva™ method helps students comprehend the poetry of Psalms from its classical Hebrew source.


Students will:

  • Learn root words and their various applications
  • Learn Hebrew prefixes, suffixes, and sentence structures
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Biblical Hebrew
  • Differentiate the literal meaning form the deeper hidden meaning
  • Participate in meaningful discussions with the teacher

Prerequisite:  Basic Hebrew reading skills.

Can’t read Hebrew? Learn how with the Reading Hebrew with Tikva 1– Online Course. You can learn to decode the Hebrew alphabet and read Hebrew in 15-20 hours with this program.

Tikva is an awesome teacher!  Her exceptional approach in teaching Biblical Hebrew through psalms has revealed hidden depths and richness in the meanings of the psalms, as well as deep insights into Biblical Hebrew grammar and word roots, and all of this tailored to my specific grasp of Hebrew.  I can now begin to parse the meaning of the words as I daven.  Thank you, Tikva!
Mimi Real Ph.D.

I am very much enjoying the class and your teaching style. This is the first year ever that I want to go to the Tashlich service. Your class is so helping me to prepare for High Holy Days, as well as learn some Hebrew. Todah Rabah and L’Shanah Tovah!


Adult Student

Your class was super great! Prayer book Hebrew equivalent to drashing the Torah. I think everyone appreciates your way of taking apart the Hebrew.

Pat C.

Adult Student




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Individual/private lessons:

Package of 10 lessons $1000

Recommended/Optional supplement: Reading Hebrew With Tikva Foundation 1


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