A methodical Hebrew reading program based on over
50 years of Hebrew language instruction.

Develop a fluent and accurate Hebrew reading foundation whether you are studying Modern or Text Hebrew. 



Reading Hebrew with Tikva is a methodical, interactive, Hebrew reading primer created specifically for Hebrew language students to gain solid practice in decoding the Hebrew alphabet and reading words with vowels – leading to reading mastery. 

This unique program, which has supplemented Tikva’s popular curricula for decades, had only been available to students in her classrooms. Now it’s available in book form as reading supplement anyone can use.

Anyone can use this book:


  • Individuals:  As a personal practice reader
  • Educators:  As a classroom textbook
  • Youth:  For Bar/Bat Mitzvah reading practice
  • All Students:  To supplement any Hebrew language course

Prepare to read anything in Hebrew:


  • Modern Hebrew
  • Prayer Book Hebrew
  • Biblical Texts
  • Blessings & Ceremonies
  • Travel – menus & signs
  • Any Hebrew print text

Inside the Reading Hebrew with Tikva Workbook students will build incrementally towards reading fluency through:


Lessons  •  Reading Exercises  •  Study Guides  •  Fun & Games  •  Fluency Drills

Special Rates
for Educators

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