Hebrew With Tikva™ Support

We want you to know that  we value your commitment to learning Hebrew on the web with us and wish for you to have the best experience we could possibly provide.

If at any point you have trouble with your course or have any questions please know we are here to help. For technical problems, we’ll investigate the issue and address it as soon as we possibly can. We are continually striving to improve our products to create excellence in online Hebrew learning.

Student Support:

For questions related to the Hebrew With Tikva curriculum or your online Hebrew learning experience, please contact learnhebrew@hebrewwithtikva.com. Response time is 24 to 48 hrs.

Technical Support:

Please review the FAQ below for answers to common questions. If you need further technical support please contact support@hebrewwithtikva.com. Response time is 24 to 48 hrs.


  • I just purchased a course and cannot login: 1) Check your email for a message titled “Your account on Hebrew with Tikva” for your username and password.  2) Reset you password here.  You will need to use the same email address as you signed up with. 3) If you still cannot access your course, contact support at support@hebrewwithtikva.com
  • Lesson example animations do not play on tablets and mobile: The animations require flash which is supported on Mac and PC laptops and desktops. If you are studying on a tablet you will be able to play the audios but not the animations. It is recommended to use a laptop or desktop to enjoy the full course exercises and demo animations.
  • The example lessons animation audio is not synchronized with the visual: Make sure you are only clicking the play button once. There is no pause button at this time. If you wish to pause or re-sync the example, please refresh the page in the browser.
  • The example lesson animation appears to be stuck and not loading: Try advancing forward to the next page and then returning back. If this does not solve the problem it may be a server or network speed issue. Try viewing the site on another browser such as Firefox and/or Safari or try clearing your browser history or page cache. If the problem does not correct within a day please contact us.





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