Intermediate Modern Conversational Hebrew

Private individual sessions  |  10 – 1hr. sessions

Pre-scheduled by appointment  |  Mill Valley, CA

The Modern Hebrew course is intended to develop verbal communication skills in the spoken modern Hebrew language.   Infused with Israeli culture, a variety of methods and modalities are used to reach the goal of speaking Hebrew as it is spoken in Modern Israel.


Learn to converse about a specific topic in Hebrew. The group decides the topic and we converse in Hebrew learning new vocabulary. Develop verbal communication skills in the spoken modern Hebrew language for practical everyday conversation.


Students will:


•   Practice speaking Hebrew.

•   Practice reading to reinforce the conversational lessons.

•   Practice writing in the practical everyday Hebrew format.

•   Learn Hebrew grammar and patterns.

•   Learn Israel’s geography and about its people in their daily life.


• Hebrew reading and writing skills

• Completion of Beginning Conversational Hebrew course or it’s equivalent.

Optional Supplement: 

Reading Hebrew with Tikva – Online Course.

You can learn to decode the Hebrew alphabet and read Hebrew in 15-20 hours with this additional program.


10 sessions, 1hr. each


Online via Zoom


Individual/private lessons:

Package of 10 lessons $1000

Recommended/Optional supplement: Reading Hebrew With Tikva Foundation 1


Contact Tikva to schedule your sessions.

Call 415-686-0275 or email


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